Monday, November 23, 2020

EXCURSIONS: November 2020

 Thank You for checking out the site!

It's been a long minute since we've updated the site, Covid-19 has really put a damper on things but we have adjusted and we've been consistently given you Excursions Online with some great guest!!And we will continue to do so until otherwise.. When the RESET starts we will be looking for a new home now that Danny's is officially closed for good. 

We hope to get back on point in Detroit.. 

Atlanta is a different story, The place we had hope to have a consistent relationship with ended up closing because of Covid-19. Yes, Sound Table/Space 2 is no longer around and we don't know who else is out there that would host an house music event from a crew that's out of town. We pray that something will turn up.

In the meantime catch us here every last Sat. of the month.. 

Thanksgiving Weekend

this was last month on Halloween

Our portion is up on mixcloud and
Shout out to our guest djs for playing a wonderful set.

there is more to come so stay tune!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Excursions streaming online every last Sat. of the Month 
and then some!

May 2020

June 2020

July 2020

August 2020

Sept 2020

It's been a few months since we last updated the site and I do apologize for that, not a lot has taken place since everyone around the world has been shut down. It may 

Sunday, March 1, 2020

MARCH 2020

We only have a couple of things this month 
but things are taking shape, so let's show you what's happening with us..

So here we are doing a Weds night gig at the Whistler March 11th
This is the new logo for our Ten Year anniversary, we'll be using this for this year and next year for the event in Detroit 2021

March 26th
A new updated version of the Vinyl Session flyer 
for March 26th

Here is the info for Detroit 2020
Check here for prepay information:
So looking forward into doing this in a new space and hopefully we won't have an issue this year.

in April we'll be back in Japan for an Excursions edition
in Nagoya, Nagano, Osaka & Kyoto
with Special Guest Uchikawa (LoftSoul Records) & Antonio Ocasio(Wepa, NYC)

We also have a RETURN TO SUB-T on May 1st
May 9th


to You!!
2019 was Busy for us and we were very lucky and fortunate to have some new opportunities to come our way. To close out 2019 we had So we hope that in 2020 The Lord will continue to bless us with love and to continue to spread our ideals thru our journey in music.

Since we are in the dead of winter, things have been a little slow and the information has taken its time making it here on the site but here is what has taken place in the last few weeks..
So in January..

and of course we were at Danny's for our monthly event!

Too much time past as we waited for Danny's, we needed the release!

we had a couple things that popped up!
James Vincent started out Black History Month with this banger at the Mansion!

Wicker Park was into a groove with this special Dance Session 
at Heaven's Gallery loft space which ran over 2 hours because of the beautiful time everyone was having!

Back to Back week sessions with James Vincent & Ron Trent at the newly reconstructed "Post" now known as:

Then to end black history month with brasilian flavor at Danny's!
We were definitely in that Carnival state of mind!

as February turned out not to be too cold, things were boiling under the radar as we get ready to head into spring.. stay tuned!!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

EXCURSIONS: December 2019

We're officially 12 months in and we gonna end the year on an Excursions High!
Thank you to those who came out and kicked it with us on Thanksgiving night @ Danny's, we had great time playing some jams and dancing around the room!

So now that we are in December, We have some things lined up for your listening pleasure as well as the dance floor workout!  LET'S GET IT!!

A little quiet before the Storm..
But On Dec. 14th..

Cordell Johnson & Antonio Ocasio

James Vincent

Happy Holidays From Excursions!
One of our favorite Djs come to town for a serious get down!
It's been a minute since we last had him out, Antonio Ocasio (Tribal Winds) flies in from NYC!
If you came to the first Excursions event when we invited Antonio, then look for a repeat of that night, it should be a great Holiday jam!!
Join us on the South-side!

WE're back for our 3rd installment, and we're blessed to come back to ATL and share in the holiday spirit!
Originally we were suppose to do the event on Friday, and share in a big weekend that is planned.. but unfortunately, there was a scheduling conflict for Friday, and we desperately tried to find another venue but to no avail, nothing was available. 
So with that we APOLOGIZE for the changing the date to SUNDAY, DEC. 22nd (2019)
We know that normally Sundays is a quiet day in the ATL, but since its the weekend before Christmas, we figure that we'll still give something for the people!
Unfortunately James Vincent can't make the journey because of the Date Change.. So label owner, and friend Michael Scott will step in and represent!
So Join us on Sunday evening affair!

 @ The Sound Table

Cordell Johnson & Kai Alce

Kim Lightfoot (NY/ATL)

Michael Scott (People of Earth Records)

The Day after Christmas,
We're at Danny's for a holiday post Christmas jam!!
Vinyl Sessions!!

On Sat. December 28th 
We are the invited guest djs for "Bricktown Sounds"
@ The Hungry Brain in Roscoe Village

we played this event back in July with featured guest dancers So Swift dance crew.. and it was a hot night in the Village! A lot of fun the whole night, we look forward and sharing some grooves with the neighborhood!
Party starts at 10p until 3a

2319 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Excursions: November 2019

Halloween started like this and took us into our November with 3 inches of snow! UGH!
But a big shout out to those who came out to Danny's for Vinyl Sessions! It was a fun night and great time!

So to lead us into November we started things off at the POST!
Excursions: Underground!

Yes Join us for a night of music on a BIG sound system!

Thanksgiving Night Nov. 28th work off some of that good eatin on the dance floor as we'll provide all the motivation you need...

Cordell Johnson & James Vincent all night


Antonio Ocasio joins us for a holiday jam at the Post
Look for us on Dec. 14th
Prepay tickets are here on this link... 

and the ATL..
We had to change the date of this event to Sunday Dec. 22nd
4pm to 12mid
Prepay info click on the link 

Cordell Johnson

Kai Alce

Kim Lightfoot


Thursday, October 3, 2019


Its officially FALL!
We want to start off the season right with our first official Underground Party in Chicago! What makes this so special? Well it's the first time that we are hosting a late night after dark event in Chicago! 
If you're familiar with our event in Detroit then we are trying to bring that same atmosphere here to Chicago in a legitimate space, with a big sound system!
Join us for this first edition of 
Things can only get better from here! 

 Music by Cordell Johnson & James Vincent
Hosted by Sheldon Randolph & Excursions Staff

$10 at the Door / $5 with Excursions T-Shirt
$7 with Excursions: Underground card

Sunday.. the day after!
The Recovery Party is here!
Suave Sundays @ Wise Owl
Join Us with your hostess, Yvette Magallon
BEARS football at Noon!
Then from 3p til Midnight
Music by some of the best Djs around town
Duke Shin, Black Terry, Lee Farmer & Toe-Knee (Birthday set)
with JV & Cordell

Dive into the weekend with a little something for the soul!
Come get your spirit lifted...UNDERGROUND
with selections by Sheldon Randolph & James Vincent

At the Post
5745 S. State St.
10 - 4a

 Meanwhile in Sao Paulo...
Cordell Johnson joins Godi Osegueda
October 19th

"Starting the weekend in excitement of playing some tunes on the best sound system in Sao Paulo, alongside my partner in crime from Chicago, Cordell Johnson"
- Godi Osegueda
and a few days in Rio as well..
Information on play dates in Rio will come up soon..

Friday night in Rio!! On the Rooftop!!

 October 31st
Let's have some Ghostly Fun as we get it in on Halloween Night!
Wear your best Halloween costume!

Danny's Halloween 2019

Coming IN November:
The journey continues late night..