Friday, December 1, 2017

EXCURSIONS: December 2017

Well it's here, the last month of 2017!
We've been blessed this year and we end the year with something special.

For a couple of years the Excursions crew was trying to find a way to expand the experience outside of the midwest. Japan has been a fantastic destination and we appreciate the love from the far east.
This month we stay state side, we finally travel south and we will set up shop here on December 16th 

Excursions: Atlanta 2017
Great line up with Kai Alce, Michael Scott & Ash Lauryn as special guest 
come spend the weekend in Atlanta!

Excursions: Detroit  2017

Excursions: Detroit 2017

Excursions: Detroit 2017

Sean Alvarez

Dancers Excursions: Detroit 2016

At the end of the month, we continue where we left off, every last Thursday of the month we work hard and we play harder!! The wax is on fire at Danny's
December 28th

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

EXCURSIONS: November 2017

Cold weather is with us which means we will heat up the spot where ever we are..
This month we kick off a special night where we invite a number of djs to take part in a open turntable format & Musicians to come in and play along with the music. We present:

So every other month we'll do Sound Lab and invite djs that throw down with the sounds!
The next one will be January 8th

The night before Thanksgiving
Cordell Johnson gets to visit his old stomping grounds in Wicker Park!
Dj Duke Shin presents:

Then check us at the end of the month November 30th for a residency at Danny's
Every last Thursday of the month
Join James Vincent & Cordell Johnson for some deep flavored sounds on vinyl as they give you the "Vinyl Sessions" 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

EXCURSIONS: October 2017

 October rolls in and I want to give a shout out to this guy for putting on a beautiful event in his home town of Ueda, Japan. Dj Uchikawa/Loftsoul recs. hosted  his first weekend event called STOMP! at an outdoor music venue up in the mountains in Ueda-Nagano Japan. Djs and musicians came from all over to be apart of this wonderful event. Music was serious on all levels. Top notch performances from the live acts and djs that displayed their selected styles of dance music.  

Dj Uchikawa- Loftsoul 

Stomp Music Festival Japan

Ueda/Nagano Japan

It was great to be apart of this event, I felt as if I was an invited Professor to a conference of music specialist, each person being a master in a particular music genre. Everyone was highly skilled at their craft.. and to be apart of that was humbling and very appreciated.  

Thursday Oct. 26th 
Vinyl Sessions in back and getting ready for Halloween weekend.
Shout out to  Daryll Mellowman for holding it down with JV last month.
Cordell Johnson is back and ready to drop some sounds along with James Vincent!

Get a T-shirt let the people know you went to Excursions

And next month we'll be doing a little experiment @ Danny's 
Nov. 6th, Excursions LAB 
will hit the scene with open turntables for selected guests. 
More details to come stay tuned for next month's new journey.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

EXCURSIONS: September 2017

We Start Sept with a birthday celebration with Excursions' founder Cordell Johnson at the Ace Hotel in Chicago..

Tuesday, Sept 5th

Thanks to those that came out and celebrated Cordell's birthday

Later in the month Cordell heads to Japan for a special event but it would be official without an Excursions:Tokyo event this time at Koara bar!
Sept. 23rd

and then off to the first "Stomp Festival" in Ueda-Nagano
a 2 day outdoor festival, hosted by Dj Uchikawa and crew
Sept. 30th & Oct. 1st
join in the fun
Availability a plenty!

Ueda, Japan

T-Shirts & Cds will be available

Meanwhile back in Chicago..
Sept. 28th  

Hosted by James Vincent
with special guest

Thursday, August 17, 2017


August is here and so are we!
For the first couple of weeks, it's a little slow, There are a few rooftop parties but we don't jump in the fry until the 3rd Friday of the month and probably our last Friday at Underground Wonder Bar!
We present:
"The Finale"
Friday August 18th we say good bye after 5 1/2 years of giving Chicago late night Underground sounds. Thank you Lonnie for having us and being apart of the Wonder bar experience!

with special guest.. Arie Reyes

James Vincent 

Sunday August 20th a double dose of Cordell!
 Residents Djs Foxxxg  & Jamal Cooper with special guest Abicah Soul & Cordell Johnson

But before Truth, join Darryl Mellowman for a Vinyl Adventure at Gramaphone Records as he presents: "Vinyl Speaks" with special guest
Cordell Johnson playing vinyl tunes within the store!

Dj Cordell Johnson

Aug. 27th
Sound Religion is back and is in a new location this month
with Host Darryl Mellowman
& special guests
Duane Powell & James Vincent
KREW Rock Lounge
6319 W. Roosevelt Road, Oak Park, IL

 Danny's is our home for now.. 
come on down and get in a dance!
August 31st, we say good bye to August, Excursions style!

Pick up a T-shirt 
leave a comment here if you want to order one or I can bring them out with me to Danny's

Next Month
Sept. 23rd
Excursions: Tokyo 2017

Sept. 30th 

LoftSoul aka Dj Uchikawa