Thursday, November 29, 2012

EXCURSIONS in December (2012)

Join us in the month of December as we close out 2012!
We made some new friends, welcome back some old ones and still have our core crew keeping up with us twice a month.
2012 brought us one more night so you can get that intimate Excursions experience on the weekend. The Underground Wonder Bar has provided us a chance to start your 2nd weekend of the month with that energy that lifts your spirits. It also has allowed us to feature guest djs each month since we go until 4am. With that being said, December has us linking up with our musical brothers that has been apart of our journey for the last 11 years. 
The W.E. Party (Weekend Excursions) will feature one of the members of the Nu Bang Clan:

                                         Tim McAllister

35th Installment
And to close out the year, we have one of the hottest crews in Chicago! They have been consistantly carving out their own brand and style in the dance music scene. Formed in 2002, The Soul Phonetics started the Wed night house party at SubT and ran for 3 years strong.. A few months after parting ways with SubT, Soul Phonetics kept their vision and focus on why they came together in the first place.. To maintain the evolution of dance music from all around the world! For the last three years they host a party called DANCE SYNDROME every last Sat of the month featuring guest djs and their styles in World/House music. So on Wed, December 26th join us where it all began at SUBT as Soul Phonetics & Excursions (re)unite!


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