Saturday, February 2, 2013

Excursions: February 2013

Your "W.E." Party is back with that Deep, Soulful underground vibe right in the heart of Chicago! We're downstairs at the Underground Wonder Bar as WE continue our mission to build a haven for a true underground experience in Chicago!

As per usual, your musical journey will be provided by the sounds of Excursions residents DJ Cordell Johnson & James Vincent. This month's special guest will be someone who helped us create the image & look of EXCURSIONS, and is a solid producer of electronic beats.. Sean Hernandez aka "CHICAGO SKYWAY"!  So for those who don't know, here is your chance to hear one of Chicago's true underground talents!

January was a great month despite the cold weather we had to endure on both Weds. but a big shout out to everyone that came out and took part!! The 4th Wed was a deep vibe with the Residents all night. And Excursions: 5th Wednesdays was extremely HOT with special Guest Dj Cheez!! On a cold night he provided some serious HEAT!! (photo by: Louis Lazu)

Even the long awaited re-appearance from Wicker Park fixture "Reggie Newport" had the dance floor burning(candle on top of the head and all)!

SO, February 27th, will be smooth and cool and as we say good bye to Black History Month the Residents will take you on that journey once again!

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