Tuesday, January 10, 2017

EXCURSIONS: January 2017

2017 starts off with a BANG!!
Thanks to RockSteady Disco & Tom (& the roommates) for a successful New Year's Eve event 

Soooo, on Jan. 13th

 Weekend Excursions continues the journey deep into the underground of House & Global Soul dance music! Join us this month as we welcome our special guests Daryll Mellowman (Sound Religion) and extended family member Sean Haley (Windimoto Music)! Mos def will be a night not to miss!

Underground Wonder Bar is located at 710 N. Clark. Doors open at 11pm, and as always cover is $6 all night (free w/ Excursions t-shirt). See you on the dance floor!

later this month, we keep this thing going!!

Join us for a night of vinyl goodies!
Every last Thursday of the month!

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