Tuesday, October 17, 2017

EXCURSIONS: October 2017

 October rolls in and I want to give a shout out to this guy for putting on a beautiful event in his home town of Ueda, Japan. Dj Uchikawa/Loftsoul recs. hosted  his first weekend event called STOMP! at an outdoor music venue up in the mountains in Ueda-Nagano Japan. Djs and musicians came from all over to be apart of this wonderful event. Music was serious on all levels. Top notch performances from the live acts and djs that displayed their selected styles of dance music.  

Dj Uchikawa- Loftsoul 

Stomp Music Festival Japan

Ueda/Nagano Japan

It was great to be apart of this event, I felt as if I was an invited Professor to a conference of music specialist, each person being a master in a particular music genre. Everyone was highly skilled at their craft.. and to be apart of that was humbling and very appreciated.  

Thursday Oct. 26th 
Vinyl Sessions in back and getting ready for Halloween weekend.
Shout out to  Daryll Mellowman for holding it down with JV last month.
Cordell Johnson is back and ready to drop some sounds along with James Vincent!

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And next month we'll be doing a little experiment @ Danny's 
Nov. 6th, Excursions LAB 
will hit the scene with open turntables for selected guests. 
More details to come stay tuned for next month's new journey.


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    1. Sure if the link is legit.. we like to share info on most music!