Friday, December 1, 2017

EXCURSIONS: December 2017

Well it's here, the last month of 2017!
We've been blessed this year and we end the year with something special.

For a couple of years the Excursions crew was trying to find a way to expand the experience outside of the midwest. Japan has been a fantastic destination and we appreciate the love from the far east.
This month we stay state side, we finally travel south and we will set up shop here on December 16th 

Excursions: Atlanta 2017
Great line up with Kai Alce, Michael Scott & Ash Lauryn as special guest 
come spend the weekend in Atlanta!

GET ONE!!! Limit supply!!

Excursions: Detroit  2017

Excursions: Detroit 2017

Excursions: Detroit 2017

Sean Alvarez

Dancers Excursions: Detroit 2016

At the end of the month, we continue where we left off, every last Thursday of the month we work hard and we play harder!! The wax is on fire at Danny's
December 28th

Don't forget about next month's SOUND LAB @ Danny's

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