Thursday, April 12, 2018

EXCURSIONS: April 2018

 Hello April!!
 Building community through music! One nation under a groove!

Welcome to one of Chicago's deep underground dance parties! Nearly 8 years and running, we encourage dance music lovers dancers and drummers to come out and jam with us, every last Thursday of the month! At an favorite establishment on Chicago's northwest side (Bucktown) Danny's has been hosting Excursions: Vinyl Sessions for the last 3 year! Come by have a cocktail and a twirl!

Throughout the day, DJs and live performances will showcase the various sounds and styles of house music, the musical form born in Chicago that has gone on to revolutionize dance music internationally.

Deep House Stage (Chase Promenade North)

  • 7–8pm - Ron Trent
  • 6–7pm - Adam Gibbons
  • 4–6pm - DJ Sabine
  • 3–4pm - Excursions with Cordell Johnson & James Vincent
  • 2–3pm - DJ Duane Powell
  • 1–2pm - John Simmons

Chicago's Deep House monthly is comin to Detroit during Memorial Day weekend!

EXCURSIONS: Detroit 2018
(7th installment)

OK!! To prepay for this event.. Send $17 until April 29th using PAYPAL to (with message saying this is for "Excursions: Detroit 2018") Your name(s) will be added to a prepay list. 

May 1st the cost will be $22 prepay.

Please share this event..

Find, Refine and explore your style in a unique pre-party House Movement Workshop with award winning Chicago Legend, Boogie McClarin.
($15 for workshop & entry to event between 8:45p - 9:30p)
Workshop starts at 9 p.m.
Party starts at 10 p.m.

EXCURSIONS is taking the journey to Movement 2017!
Join us once again as the Chicago underground experience travels to Detroit in celebration of dance music!

We'll have these on hand as well.

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