Sunday, January 27, 2019

EXCURSIONS: January 2019

2019 is here!!
& so are WE!!!
A shout out to everyone that came out during the holidays and partied with us! Both events at the Whistler & Danny's were on point! 2018 was a huge year for Excursions as we hosted for the first time an event at Smart Bar, we were featured guest at the Chicago House Music Festival. Hosting Excursions Events in San Diego, Japan & in Atlanta!
We're happy to be apart of the house music landscape in Chicago and will continue to be as long as we can.. 
Take the journey with us as we enter our 9th year of Excursions!


Starting off the New Year right with a return to The Whistler!
We revisit the Sound Lab series only this time we have one guest to come and play with us.
Your residents of course being James Vincent and Cordell Johnson
Our special guest is somewhat new to the house music scene here in Chicago and wanted to share some tunes that inspire her.
So with that said, we are blessed to have Dj Golden Athena (Les Nubians) to drop some soulful afro rhythms just for you..

Join us for a night of dancing and music

January 31st
-10 degrees!!
We'll be beating the box anyway! And create extreme heat on the dance floor! If you got cabin fever, let us provide a musical healing!

Next Month "Sound Lab" returns 
this time on a Weds. with a special guest..
Dj David Chavez

Don't forget.. we have some EXCURSIONS merchandise if you're interested..
CDS, T-shirts, slip mats etc. 

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