Monday, June 3, 2019


WE want to thank everyone that came out and help participate in our anniversary month of doing "Excursions"!!
It was great being apart of a busy weekend in Detroit and closing things out in Chicago.
And we want to apologize to everyone who came out to Excursions: Detroit 2019 and not being able to experience fully where this event was going! Just as we were hitting the peak hour, Detroit's finest decided to pay us a visit and said that they had one complaint about noise and decided to shut us down. A huge disappointment as this was the first time in 8 years that this happened. No one was out of pocket, No one was causing any disturbance outside, just grown people gathering dancing and listening to music. AFTER all that went into this party, and to have the final result ended up with the police being involved.. Makes this a bitter pill to swallow. 
At the end of the day, we're back to square one for next year looking for a new space and hopefully a space that will allow us to do our thing. Thank you to several people that help put this event on.. Without your efforts, I wouldn't be writing this at all.
Mimi, Sabine, Terry J., Vincent.. People who love this event and went the extra mile to help us find a space. THANK YOU.
To my staff that deals with me on a regular basis that helps us manages the night. We thank you as well!
To my Djs except Marcellus, thank you for doing what you do and giving the best music that the crowd can experience and enjoy. Shout out to our special guest,  Lakuti who played a rocking set that blew us away.. As for Marcellus, we owe him a do over for next year as he was the only one that didn't get to play. Shout out to our dancers!! You guys make the world go around, your presence on the dance floor, baby powder in hand and Kafani blessing the floor with incense is all apart of the experience,Thank you especially! 
Thanks to the space owner for allowing us to come in and transform the room at the last minute, the venue change kinda hurt us but, again we were lucky to have a few hours together.. until Next Year!

Here are a few photos from the outdoor event at GOLD CASH GOLD in Detroit the day after Excursions: Detroit
Cordell Johnson & M. Pittman
Issac P.,Cordell J. & M. Pittman

Shout out to those who came to Danny's for "The Vinyl Sessions" and celebrated with us for our 9th year of Excursions! As we enter into the summer months, we hope to make year 10 a special year as we have been proving a space for everyone to be apart of this musical journey. Not just here in Chicago but all over the world. We are coming to you, God help us!

Now on to June 
we are busy!!
 Friday June 7th
Cordell Johnson joins Alan King at the M Lounge!
House Music all night long!

Sunday June 16th

 Turntable Madness as we set up four decks for this one at the Whistler!
Our opponents for this tag team match will be:
Julio Bishop & Dj Frique 
This should be a lot of fun!

Sat. June 22nd

WE're hosting a Record Swap Day at the Hungry Brain Bar
Bring some Vinyl to trade or do a little shopping
from 3p- til 8p
And the grill will be open on the back patio too!

Thursday June 27th
Danny's (the Sign sez it all)

Friday June 28th
Join us after work from 6-9pm 
601 So. Michigan Ave. for "Summer Dance"
We're very honored and excited to be invited to play in this year Summer Dance! Bring your dancing shoes and your baby power We will not hold back on the tunes on this day, experience underground Chicago! 

T-shirts will be available

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