Thursday, October 3, 2019


Its officially FALL!
We want to start off the season right with our first official Underground Party in Chicago! What makes this so special? Well it's the first time that we are hosting a late night after dark event in Chicago! 
If you're familiar with our event in Detroit then we are trying to bring that same atmosphere here to Chicago in a legitimate space, with a big sound system!
Join us for this first edition of 
Things can only get better from here! 

 Music by Cordell Johnson & James Vincent
Hosted by Sheldon Randolph & Excursions Staff

$10 at the Door / $5 with Excursions T-Shirt
$7 with Excursions: Underground card

Sunday.. the day after!
The Recovery Party is here!
Suave Sundays @ Wise Owl
Join Us with your hostess, Yvette Magallon
BEARS football at Noon!
Then from 3p til Midnight
Music by some of the best Djs around town
Duke Shin, Black Terry, Lee Farmer & Toe-Knee (Birthday set)
with JV & Cordell

Dive into the weekend with a little something for the soul!
Come get your spirit lifted...UNDERGROUND
with selections by Sheldon Randolph & James Vincent

At the Post
5745 S. State St.
10 - 4a

 Meanwhile in Sao Paulo...
Cordell Johnson joins Godi Osegueda
October 19th

"Starting the weekend in excitement of playing some tunes on the best sound system in Sao Paulo, alongside my partner in crime from Chicago, Cordell Johnson"
- Godi Osegueda
and a few days in Rio as well..
Information on play dates in Rio will come up soon..

Friday night in Rio!! On the Rooftop!!

 October 31st
Let's have some Ghostly Fun as we get it in on Halloween Night!
Wear your best Halloween costume!

Danny's Halloween 2019

Coming IN November:
The journey continues late night..

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