Monday, November 23, 2020

EXCURSIONS: November 2020

 Thank You for checking out the site!

It's been a long minute since we've updated the site, Covid-19 has really put a damper on things but we have adjusted and we've been consistently given you Excursions Online with some great guest!!And we will continue to do so until otherwise.. When the RESET starts we will be looking for a new home now that Danny's is officially closed for good. 

We hope to get back on point in Detroit.. 

Atlanta is a different story, The place we had hope to have a consistent relationship with ended up closing because of Covid-19. Yes, Sound Table/Space 2 is no longer around and we don't know who else is out there that would host an house music event from a crew that's out of town. We pray that something will turn up.

In the meantime catch us here every last Sat. of the month.. 

Thanksgiving Weekend

this was last month on Halloween

Our portion is up on mixcloud and
Shout out to our guest djs for playing a wonderful set.

there is more to come so stay tune!!

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