Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Excursions in JUNE 2014

As the weather gets warmer we get a little busier trying to plan some activities for the summer! We still miss our Wed night fix but we'll have something for you this month on Wed the 18th of June @ Mr. Brown's Lounge! http://www.mrbrownslounge.com
Check our group page for the intimate details for that one coming in a few days.

Now this month Friday the 13th, the W.E. Party (Weekend Excursions) will have a special guest that has played with us before. He is a veteran dj/producer here in Chicago.. He doesn't get proper shine in this city, but we recognize his accomplishments and contributions to the house music scene in Chicago.. He is a long time friend (and a fellow "Dolphin" like us) We'll have Tim 'McEdits' McAllister (M.I.LC.Music) with us as he'll bless the decks!

   Tim McAllister

Soon after W.E. Party, Cordell Johnson takes a trip to the far east and join his brother in music DJ Masahiko Uchikawa and do an EXCURSIONS TOUR 2014 thru Japan!
Check the flyers below for the cities that Sensei Sweetdaddy will be in! 

In Tokyo





Stay tune for up coming info in July for Chosen Few weekend as we prepare for Jabula down at Underground Wonder Bar Friday July 4th!

And one more thing, We want to give a special shout out to all that came to EXCURSIONS:DETROIT 2014!! It was so good that many comments are being made that it was the best after party of  the festival! We are very happy that so may people (old & new) came out and shared in a similar experience.. cause it seems to get bigger and bigger each year! There are so many thanks we want to give but the best we can do is post a few pics from the party and post the Facebook link so you can see everything from pictures, videos & comments! thank you again for being apart of the Excursions experience!! 


Jeff "Dj Taz" Arthur

Cordell, Kai Alce, Kafani, Brett Dancer, James Vincent

Marcellus Pittman, Delano Smith, Cordell Johnson

Tonic & Barberik


Mustafa, Larissa & Carla (Brasil)

Excursions:Detroit 2014

Xhomas Xu, Larissa & Diamond Dancer

Excursions:Detroit 2014

Kathleen James

Rick Wilhite

Mario Mars, Alton Miller & Rachel



The Hosts: Kafani & Mario Mars

Marcellus Pittman 

The walk up to the Russell

Jen Xerri

Excursions:Detroit 2014
Ris Tena on her annual bike ride @ Excursions

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