Tuesday, December 2, 2014


It's finally here.. the last month of 2014, It came kinda quick and we're gonna keep busy to close out a productive year.. if you scroll back and see the journey we're been on, we hope to keep it going and moving forward to 2015! So to end the Year here's what's planned for December!

The residents return to a new & improve looking Underground Wonder Bar
with Special Guest... Stay tuned

In the past few months Chicago, and maybe other cities, have seen publications and bloggers write articles pointing out the lack of quality house and/or dance nights, promoters, or world known DJs within the city(s). Some even pushing the Idea that one must tour internationally to be considered accomplished and worthy any recognition. Those articles are quick to highlight more mainstream but notable nights within Chicago and other US cities and yet they fail to mention those that are there, have been there, and proudly maintain their foothold in the underground house and dance community. In Chicago there is: Excursions, Groove Temple, Soulphonetics, Deep Rooted and MANY other people and crews constantly pushing forward. This includes dancers extending themselves beyond just one city. Traveling and creating networks of events and workshops. It's not just New York, London, France or somewhere distant.
The point of this shoot was to say we are out here. People may not always know it or strive to dig deeper into the culture to find it but it's here and not going anywhere. Most are honestly not caring if one week has 20 people and next week 100. We are not big club people. We are here for the music, the dance, and the community. This was a call to just a few of us but there are so many more faces and parties. I see you and I respect you. You are part of this in spirit and hopefully will keep doing what you do as the naysayers try divide and rewrite what is your foundation and your art. We are NOT going anywhere.

Deep Rooted, Groove Temple, Excursions, Rare Soul, Soul Phonetics, Torin Edmond (Chant, Hyde Park)  Honey Boom-UNIVERSOLE (Detroit)

Sunday Dec. 14th James Vincent will be the special guest at the "Dolphin" with Greg Winfield & Terry Hunter!!

Merry Christmas ya'll!
On Christmas Night we'll be back @ Danny's for our 5th installment of the "Vinyl Sessions"
Merry Christmas from Excursions!
 Stop by and get a gift!

The End 2014

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