Wednesday, January 14, 2015

EXCURSIONS: January 2015 (Happy New Year)

Happy New Year to you!!
2015 is here and we hope that the new year will provide more growth, wisdom and new and meaningful relationships to the music/dance lover in you..
We hope that 2015 we can find a permanent home to host Excursions, get some more releases out on vinyl and continue to take Excursions on the road.. Look for us in Detroit during MOVEMENT, Chicago in July and hopefully some new destinations too!
First things First..
After some renovations to the bar, Underground Wonder Bar changed its looks (Thanks to the TV show, "Bar Rescue") for quite a few months, the Wonder Lab was suffering in terms of sound. New Speakers was just one of the issues that had been that way for a good while.
Now at the start of the New Year they have made some progress in Upgrading the sounds by adding new speakers (finally)! Hopefully the other djs will respect the equipment!!!

It will be a cold night(+3) but we have the heat to make you warm!!
Cordell Johnson & James Vincent on the decks all night!

January 18th which is MLK Birthday Weekend
Excursions has been invited to be apart of a special event along with members from Groove Temple and Sean Haley of Windimoto Music!

 Hosted by Anika, Jevon Jackson & James Vincent

To close out the month of January we will be at Danny's with a special guest, a blast from the Past.. Dj Whyteout!! 
This should make for a crazy night of music as we welcome one of our turntable brothers back into the fold!!
6th installment

Dj Whyteout

Danny's Tavern

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